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By joining 4africa’s Agent 4 Change 4hope campaign, you support more than just water, health, and leadership opportunities—your $20 monthly gift provides life-giving hope to 6 people per year. This hope creates optimism for future achievement, leading to confidence in Jesus Christ.

Give $40


As an Agent 4 Change 4impact giver, you build on a foundation of everlasting impact.  Your $40 monthly gift delivers opportunity to those we serve, making it possible for 12 lives to be impacted each year through 4africa’s comprehensive ministries.

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By investing in 4africa’s 4growth campaign, you stand for the future! Each month, your $80 gift fundamentally changes 2 lives (24 lives per year). Our 4growth promoters build on our 4hope and 4impact campaigns by doubling the amount of people we are able to serve each month.

Give $100+


Our 4ever Agent 4 Change champions are deeply committed to seeing 4africa’s vision fully realized. This amazing group of sacrificial supporters provides largescale change. If you feel led to join our 4ever team, you will impact 30 lives each year through clean water, healthcare, leadership development, which stand All4God.

change lives 4ever

the 4africa impact

Improving lives

Clean water, better health, and servant-minded community leaders: these are our outputs.
We are committed to improving daily life through water sanitation and preventative health

Creating change

We seek to create a life-transforming learning environment that molds young men and
women into future leaders of Africa – leaders whose lives fully reflect the character, qualities and leadership principles embodied in the life of Jesus.

Now & 4ever

For this life and the next – We bring rigor, accountability and careful planning of successful
for-profit organizations to our operations to make lasting change.











Is 4africa a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and can I deduct my gift?

Yes, 4africa is a 501(c)(3) public charity; therefore, your gifts are fully tax deductible. A tax letter is sent with each donation.

Where will my contribution go/ how will it be spent?

Any investment you make to 4africa’s programs goes directly to the area you have chosen. For example, anyone who signs up to be an agent4change can directly contribute to all 4 of our programs—4water, 4health, 4leadership, and All4god.

However, if you decide to invest in a certain area (i.e. supporting a LASS student or funding a water project), our Donate page allows you to designate where you would like to invest and how much you would like to give. Donation and partnership inquiries may be sent to

How can I get involved and support 4africa?

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Give financially to 4africa. Become an agent 4 change!

We would love to hear your questions or ideas regarding funding options—connect with us at

What is the difference between 4africa's agent 4 change campaign and the other giving options?

4africa’s agent 4 change campaign is our sustainable funding option that provides funding across all 4 of our programs (4water, 4health, 4leadership, all4God). Those who join our unique community invest in 4africa’s sustainable development model to make a more comprehensive impact.

Our other giving options allow donors to invest in a particular program, project, student, or need. To see our current giving options, please click here.

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