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We exalt Jesus Christ by restoring and empowering African People to become good stewards of their community and country- imparting biblical principles through sustainable clean water and preventative health initiatives while educating future leaders, all with a heart for service.

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Job Opportunities

Intern Positions

Intern Positions

Position: Intern

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Reports to: Program Coordinator

Works with: 4africa Team

4africa aims to demonstrate the love of Christ by promoting sustainable solutions for clean water, health trainings, and leadership development in underserved communities in South Sudan and Northern Uganda. Since 2009, 4africa has been active in equipping, empowering, and encouraging transformational development through our programs, resulting in over 220,000 people being served through water, health, leadership and ministry programs. 4africa has just completed the initial phases of a full re-branding effort. This resulted in a new website, marketing, public relations, and strategic donor communications that are in full swing. This is a very exciting time for 4africa and we are prayerful that our interns will be key contributors during this exciting process.

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4africa team

Followers of Jesus. Agents 4 change.

Michael Hornshaw

Michael Hornshaw

Director of Operations

Adoring husband of 1 and father of 3. Africa loving, America living, Australian globetrotter. Prefers impact over outputs, collaboration over competition, making a difference over making a living. Spare time likes moto touring, dirt biking, wrench turning & surfing.

Milton Mansuk

Milton Mansuk

Ministry Program Manager

Student of Jesus, prisoner of hope, peace maker, Lover of God and his creation, love to see things from God’s eternal perspective, working with young people and being an agent of change in this perverse and crooked world.
Innocent Owani

Innocent Owani

Country Director

Passionate follower of Jesus Christ who acknowledges that being spiritual and strategic is not mutually exclusive. Enjoys creating and/ nurturing relationships with stakeholders so that local knowledge and questions lead the ways in developing impactful solutions.
Asiki Isaac Dagama

Asiki Isaac Dagama

Head of Programs

Values people more than things, relational, loves the simplicity and deeper living as opposed to superficiality, sacrificial through endurance and hard-work is part of him, loves God and people, delights in serving others. Desires to see people and things in the way God sees.
Carma Anderson

Carma Anderson

Development Coordinator

Child of God – always seeking His wisdom and guidance. Enjoys spending time with her daughter and steadfast friends, learning or trying new things, researching and traveling to new places and reading every bestseller.

Gail Andrae-Pianta

Gail Andrae-Pianta


Mom to Kelsey, wife to Wayne. Inquisitive, solution-oriented, steadfast, planner, nurturing, principled, all around BORING. Loves time with her family, especially her daughter.  Love animals, especially cats. Enjoys time at home, cooking, shoe shopping (you could call it an addiction), and dinner with friends.

Angie Parish

Angie Parish

Program Coordinator

Wife of Stephen, Mother to Fiona, Amina and Tobias. Giver of joy, hugs and encouragement. Positive thinker. Enjoys God’s creation- especially sunsets and landscapes. Enjoys spending days with family and friends, cooking and eating, shopping for a great deal!

Alex Radler

Alex Radler

Development Director

Oklahoma native, relationship builder, passionate servant, visionary for a transformed Africa with an eternal impact. Faithful husband, dog lover & big adventure seeker.

Our vision

Impact now and 4ever

Why do we work in some of the most difficult regions of Africa? Because light shines brightest in the darkness. We are running the race with our African brothers and sisters, standing with them for change, and equipping them to make an everlasting impact on the rest of the world.

We envision transformed African communities: restored through physical acts of service, redeemed by servant-minded leadership, and reconciled by the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Intentional faith
  • Unwavering purpose
  • Expansive discipleship
  • Impactful service
  • Focused stewardship
  • Lasting change
  • Thoughtful accountability
  • Active excellence


Who decided to work in East Africa, and why are you working in these specific places?

Our founder’s conviction to see Jesus Christ exalted in East Africa led us to serve the region. Due to war, instability and breakdown of civil services in South Sudan, we see tremendous opportunity to serve and meet needs of the displaced people and refugees of South Sudan and northern Uganda respectively. Our goal is to build the foundation for sustainable change in Africa through practical projects and leadership development.

How does 4africa minister to and share the gospel with the people of East Africa?

Through our sanitation, health, and leadership programs, we are able to build relationships as we serve. Those relationships provide opportunities to share the gospel and love of Christ. 4africa is uniquely equipped with an all-African ministry staff dedicated to long-term discipleship. Our hope is that through relationships and discipleship, lasting transformation will take place in the hearts of the African people.

What is ‘sustainability,’ and how does 4africa achieve this across your projects or programs?

Sustainability means that our projects and programs will continue long after we are gone. We achieve this through a community partnership approach intentionally focused on building capacity not dependency.

Why have I heard the name East African Ministries (EAM) in the past and seen it in previous photos?

East African Ministries is now 4africa. We have the same passion and vision with a more focused mission for change. As we move forward as a standalone nonprofit, we join with you in sending more resources directly to our East Africa programs

I like the water, health and education aspects of your work, but why the Jesus thing?

4africa lives out 1 Corinthians 10:31: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” We desire everlasting impact for these communities—transformation that goes beyond our work here. Our WASH and Leadership programs will only succeed if we inspire deep relationships with Christ in those we serve. When we effectively model service as we are called in scripture (Galatians 5:13, John 12:26,  1 Peter 4:10),

we witness heart transformations—villages filled with a renewed sense of hope and a mission to become future leaders.

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