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Africa News: A Message from Our Team in Yumbe District, Uganda

In order to bring water to some of the most vulnerable people in Africa, our drilling team sacrifices more than we realize. They willingly give up the comforts of home to help those in need. Day in and day out, they’re there to serve. When we talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus, these guys live it every day.

Godfrey Head DrillerGodfrey has served as 4africa’s head driller for over eight years – and that’s no small accomplishment! The hours are long, and the work is hard. He spends many days away from home sleeping in a tent, sometimes in the rain. Yet you’ll always find him with a smile on his face and an outstretched hand.

Godfrey’s faith is bold. He doesn’t hesitate when he feels God leading them to another community, no matter how challenging the water project may be. While his job is to facilitate the well drilling and rehabilitation process, his heart is for the people. And it shows.

Recently, he felt called to the Mujukorocho community in Yumbe District, an area in northern Uganda with a high refugee population. Without access to a clean, safe water source, families drew water from a nearby stream contaminated by bathing and dirty runoff. Many residents suffered from chronic waterborne illnesses, especially the children who are more susceptible to the parasitic disease bilharzia. Godfrey and the team saw their need and rushed to help.


Overcoming Challenges with Faith

However, each water project comes with its own set of challenges. For this particular one, just getting to the site seemed impossible. But Godfrey and the team never wavered in their faith. They knew God led them to Mujukorocho, and the community was eager to partner with them.

Godfrey Head Driller and rigGodfrey explained, “Since we arrived in Mujukorocho during the rainy season, there was no access road to the site. But the community members responded by clearing the road for our drilling equipment to pass. They showed great need and an eagerness to participate. That was really encouraging.”

Once they had the site set up, the challenges continued. Godfrey and his team drilled to their typical depth without finding a drop of water. They prayed and persevered, determined to get water to the people of Mujukorocho. Sure enough, just two meters more, and they struck water. The people began dancing and laughing, overwhelmed with joy at the sight of pure and abundant water erupting from the ground. The residents of Mujukorocho were so proud of their new well that they had collected all the materials needed for completion within two days!


Always for People, Not Projects

A new well is just the beginning. At 4africa, we believe that we’re called to serve and to share the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ while we’re at it. For Godfrey, drilling wells is not his job, it’s his ministry. Each water well takes several weeks to complete. During that time, he gets to know the residents better. When he’s not working on the well, they do life together, sharing meals, doing chores, and playing with kids. It gives him time to build deeper relationships with them and share the reason behind his work – his love for Jesus.

This community was especially eager to learn more about the drilling team’s unshakable faith and radiating joy. They began each day with morning devotions and finished their work with evening fellowships.

Mujukorocho Community at new hand pump

Godfrey told us, “Through our words and actions, five people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. They were surprised by the way we genuinely interacted with them. I think they were able to see Christ in us, and it was incredible to see two young men and three women accept Christ as their personal Lord and savior.”


Later, the community prayed together for a woman who had been battling spiritual and health issues for many years. She was healed, and the community was able to experience firsthand the power of prayer.

Godfrey concluded by saying, “My prayer and conviction is to grow in the word of Jesus Christ and continue to do His work while I drill hand pumps for communities. I pray that God uses me to make disciples through my words and actions, especially in places that still need to be reached with the goods news of Jesus Christ, like Yumbe.”

Amen, Godfrey! We’ll be praying for that, too. Will you join us in praying for Godfrey and the hardworking drilling team today? Our mission would not be possible without them.

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