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Starting the Family Business | Sibling Entrepreneurs

Sibling Entrepreneurs

“Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Victor’s goal after graduating from the Leadership Academy of South Sudan (LASS) was to help his family – especially his mother – achieve financial stability. He could work odd jobs like gardening, laying bricks, or mechanic work, but those were only short-term gigs. He wanted a career that would bring peace of mind for years to come. They needed a family business.

So, he put his new entrepreneurial skills to work and opened a shoe business. His LASS education helped him establish a business plan, but he needed a bit more help. Who better to run his business than his enthusiastic sister who had a knack for salesmanship?

The two siblings joined forces and successfully got the business off the ground. With their combined strengths, they were unstoppable!

Now, the family shoe business provides consistent income, and Victor is ever on the lookout for more opportunities to serve his community – while earning a bit of money, too.


Doing More through Business Partnerships

One of the skills our students learn at LASS is how to collaborate with people from other tribes, cultures, and communities. In fact, the Academy provides creative opportunities for our diverse students to work together so they can see value in each other’s unique strengths.

Victor took these lessons to heart:

“My vision is to see more of my fellow LASS alumni members partner to create businesses and grow in their entrepreneurial skills. After seeing how my small businesses changed my family’s life, I’m encouraging more alumni members to be creative, innovative, and not to despise any form of work as long as there are returns.”

His words are not empty – Victor leads by example. When the pandemic hit, Victor jumped into action. He quickly joined up with two alumni members to begin a successful liquid soap-making business. He knew that on his own it would take twice as long to draw up a plan, acquire materials, and sell the products. In a pandemic, time is of the essence. He needed to get soap to communities immediately, and he found a way to make it happen with the help of some fellow graduates.

Entrepreneurship is a daunting endeavor. Victor, a natural-born leader and motivator, is encouraging more students to be optimistic about business. He is showing them that collaboration leads to success. Currently, Victor is on his way to yet another business venture – a transportation and delivery service using his new motorcycle he bought with his earnings.


The Cycle of Giving | Alumni Working Together to Sponsor Future Students

And Victor’s dreams don’t stop there… He is encouraging his LASS alumni group to team up for an incredible task:

“As alumni working together, my hope is that we can extend help to the needy, like orphans, because we can relate to what they are going through. My main focus is to support orphaned children in attaining an education by partnering with fellow LAOSA members to pay their school fees – our impact increases when we join together.”

We love seeing generosity shown to our students come full circle – they’re eager to give back and demonstrate the love of Jesus to others!

In every business pursuit, Victor seeks to support his community: providing shoes, soap, transportation, and even academic scholarships! This is how true transformation begins. One step at a time, Victor is connecting people together to build up and unify his community.


Victor is a true change agent.

Visit to learn how you can be a change agent, too.

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