our focus

We partner with communities in East Africa facing extreme poverty, famine, and civil unrest to meet their immediate and long-term needs so they can not only survive, but thrive!

the need

Clean water, improved health, and good leadership are vital to the recovery of refugees in East Africa and the vulnerable communities that host them. Hope for the future is critical to their sustainability.

the solution

Together, we bring integrated water, health, leadership & discipleship programs to vulnerable people so they can experience the hope of Jesus along with healthier, more vibrant lives.

the outcome

When you partner with 4africa, entire communities are transformed as children return to school, parents return to the workforce, families grow in their faith, and local leaders bring positive, lasting change to their communities. 

We bring safe & clean water to vulnerable communities so they can focus on what matters most.

We introduce preventative hygiene & sanitation practices, improving the health of entire communities.

We build up up local leaders who can facilitate positive, lasting change in their communities & countries.

We elevate the local Church to disciple people so they can share the love of Jesus with everyone they know.

We do what we do 4water, 4health and 4leadership, but ultimately, it’s All4God!

be the change

Now, more than ever, your ongoing support is crucial. When you become an agent4change, you join a passionate community of monthly donors who are transforming the lives of some of Africa’s most vulnerable people. Learn more here.