why africa?

our focus

We passionately seek out individuals in East Africa facing poverty, famine & civil unrest to bring them hope for a sustainable abundant future.

their need

Our water and preventative health care programs address the often fatal suffering that results from a lack of access to basic needs.

the change

Our leadership development program is the cornerstone of change, setting up leaders to solve and meet future needs.

Northern Uganda by the numbers

• only 48% of the residents had access to clean, safe water in the areas we work. We are improving this every year.
• around 35% of water wells across sub-Saharan Africa are non-functional! Our sustainability programs ensure ours won’t be part of this statistic.

•  around 52% of the residents rely on dirty, unreliable water sources, that are often shared with animals!
• 6:10,000—the ratio of skilled health workers to refugees

• 61% of the 1,411,794 refugees in Uganda are under 18
• only 1% of the world’s refugee youth attend higher education.


now more than ever, your help is crucial.

By joining together, our 4africa family can help close the gap and transform lives in East Africa now and for generations to come. As an individual donor or largescale funding partner, your role in our mission is essential.

South Sudan by the numbers

• over 40% need clean water
• over 90% need sanitation facilities

• 91% of births occur without medical care
• only 2% of children are fully vaccinated

• only 32% of young adults can read and write
• only 6% of girls & 14% of boys complete primary school
• 64% of primary-aged children do not attend school

we are called

4africa is called to this region of great need and large challenges. We put our faith into action by reaching into the most remote and unstable areas of East Africa to respond to those in crisis. Our unending commitment will ignite transformation across generations, tribes, religions, and political affiliations—one person at a time.

what do you stand 4? create an opportunity 4change.