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We are a faith-based nonprofit devoted to dramatically improving conditions in unstable areas of East Africa.

We work in some of the most challenging regions in Africa, living out the Gospel and helping Africans transform their communities from the inside out. Simply put, we are followers of Jesus and agents 4change.



Water is life. Except when it becomes contaminated. Polluted water acts as a vessel for diseases such as cholera, malaria, trachoma, and parasites. In East Africa, long and dangerous treks to find clean water cause strain on communities. By implementing clean water projects, we work to relieve those burdens and achieve long-term engagement with the communities, creating the building blocks to foundation for sustainable transformation.



We value all facets of health for the African people. 4africa holistically fosters a body of Christ in East Africa by providing for immediate physical needs with clean water and basic preventative health education. Through these acts of service, we also care for the spiritual health of each individual by sharing the Gospel and love of Christ.



We stand for leaders because lasting transformation happens through people, not projects. We empower students who have experienced unfathomable hardship to take charge of their future, cutting across diverse cultures and backgrounds with the love of Christ to build resilient communities. We partner long-term with our all-African staff and invest in students beyond graduation to build a foundation of support for these agents 4 change. They are the hope 4africa.



We are 4africa because God is 4africa. Our passion is Christ-led—we follow where he leads, acting as his hands and feet to serve those living in the most deprived areas of East Africa. Our God can redeem the most tragic experiences and replace them with everlasting hope. Through the relationships we form with our African brothers and sisters in Christ, we witness restoration, redemption, and reconciliation. All for God’s glory!

Where We Go

South Sudan

Since 2011, the country has faced an ongoing civil war, government-induced famine, and breakdown of civil services. Currently 4 million South Sudanese are displaced from their villages, due to the conflict. The devastated people of South Sudan struggle to meet daily needs, paralyzing them from implementing any sustainable, long-term changes in their communities.

Where We Go


Due to the volatile state of South Sudan, more than one million displaced refugees have fled to Uganda since 2016, making it a center for one of the largest refugee crises in the world. Over 200,000 South Sudanese escaped to the Yumbe district in northern Uganda. Although the settlement offers advancement potential and aid to refugees, it still has substandard conditions due to the influx of displaced people. 4africa follows the refugees—we serve them through ministry, water and health programs, and we love them by forging lasting relationships.

4africa by the numbers

2018 imp4ct in the field


People Gained
Access to Clean,
Safe Water


Positively Affected
by our 4Health


People Involved
in Leadership


People Heard the
Good News of
Jesus Christ

4 People not Projects

Bringing hope4 now and 4ever

Although 4africa tangibly exemplifies the love of Christ through clean water and health projects, our primary focus is on the hearts of the people we serve. Jesus loves unconditionally, and so do we. Through our work we engage the people around us and introduce them to the One who will renew their souls, not just their bodies. We want to bring lasting hope to these communities by empowering faith-filled leaders to be agents of change.

Our Values:

  • Intentional faith
  • Unwavering purpose
  • Expansive discipleship
  • Impactful service
  • Focused stewardship
  • Lasting change
  • Thoughtful accountability
  • Active excellence


4africa Events

Transform Africa with us! As an agent 4 change, you can become part of the growing 4africa family. Together we will build a stronger foundation to equip our African brothers and sisters transform their communities into beacons of hope. Come participate in an event (or help us create an event) to engage in the discussion, mission, and experience of 4africa.